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German National Theatre, Weimar

The theatre, erected in 1907 in neo-classical style is one of the famous landmarks of Weimar. The first building on this site was the "Komödienhaus" of 1780 - Weimar´s first independent theatre which became the official theatre of the court. In 1791, Goethe took over the leadership of the theatre which burnt down in 1825 and was reconstructed in the same year. Numerous works of Schiller, Wagner, Hebbel, Shakespeare, Mozart or Schumann have been performed here under the direction of celebrities such as J. Nepomuk Hummel, Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss and Franz Dingelstedt. In 1919, the building was renamed the "German National Theatre", serving as an assembly hall for the German National Congregation who worked out the "Constitution of Weimar" here. Later, the building was occupied by the NSDAP which used it for party conventions and festivals. In 1945, the inner parts were destroyed during a blaze so that the theatre could only be reopened three years later. In front of the building one can see the statue of Goethe and Schiller, unveiled in 1857.    back

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